Reading Response 6

      While reading the Peck, Flower, and Higgins text, I learned much about argument and proposals for change.  One of the key terms I picked up from this article was Community Literacy, which from my understanding is looking for change in a discourse community.  There are four aspects to Community Literacy: social change, intercultural conversation, strategic approach, and inquiry.  All of these aspects of Community Literacy help make an argument valid and complete.  When talking about urban kids and school suspensions Peck, Flower, and Higgins used specific examples by applying these four elements of Community Literacy, making their proposal for change relatively strong.  The way I saw it, they used Community Literacy as a way to explain how to argue effectively.  Arguments (clearly) are not usually one-sided and need clear evidence to prove a point.  A proposal for change is a good start when learning to argue effectively. 

     As Project 3 is a proposal for change in a familiar discourse community, I would like to focus on any sort of community relating to Wayne State.  It is a familiar discourse community to the students I will be working with and is a facility that is always changing. As Wayne State is a huge community, there are several aspects that people could change: parking, buildings, learning communities, forms of communication, dorm rooms, etc.  I will be open to any thoughts and would like to help anyone with similar ideas.   

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