Annotated Bibliography (Sharon, Carly, Hunter, Zahra)


Wayne State University Office of Housing & Residential Life. Wayne State University, 2013. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.

Summary: According to Wayne States Housing and Residential Life website living on campus offers students who live on campus countless of opportunities. Living on campus provides students and easy five minute walk to classes, community experiences in the residence halls, and the “college experience”. Students have the option to live in either the Deroy, Ghafari, Atchison, Towers, or University Tower residence Halls. Within these halls students have the option to live in either, single, double, triple, suit style, or apartment style rooms. The housing department also requires students who live on campus to have a meal plan. The meal plans range from 10 meals a week to unlimited meals a week. The meal plans also come with warrior dollars that can be spent on any food items that are not covered by the meal exchange.

Application: This website will be useful when writing our Project 3 because it provides us all the information in regards to living on campus and all that it offers. It will also allow us to draw a good parallel to the opportunities offered to a commuting student, which will in turn give us an indication on who is offered better chances of success as a Wayne State University student.

“Guest Housing & References.” Wayne State University Office of Housing & Residential Life. Wayne State University, 2013. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.

Summary: Wayne State offers guest housing to residents relatives, and for conferences. Guest housing is located in the DeRoy Apartments and in University Towers.  How it works is individuals can reserve bedroom guest’s apartments for either, a night, a week, or monthly basis. In order, to rent a DeRoy one bedroom apartment $70 daily rate, $434 weekly rate and $1470 monthly rate or to rent a DeRoy and University Tower Two Bedroom Apartments its $75 daily rate, $465 weekly rate and $1575 monthly rate. To reserve one of these rooms you would have to contact Chris Bowen at Also every room is completely furnished with kitchen equipment, bathroom fixtures, and bedroom and living room essentials. They only additional cost is laundry which is $1.50 for a wash cycle and $1.25 for a dry cycle.

Application: This website would be helpful because it layouts how Wayne State guest housing works. It also describes what possibilities we could change, for instance, the cost of the guest housing and the experiences the people receive. We could also adjust where the people can stay ,for instance, we can open the guest housing to more than just relatives and it more residence halls than just DeRoy or University Towers.

“Student Hosted Day/Overnight Visits.” Michigan State University Board of Trustees. Michigan State University Office of Admissions. Michigan State University, 2013. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.

On this website, there is information about making a reservation at Michigan State University’s Day at State. The Day at State is an event that MSU has for high school juniors and seniors which is an opportunity for students to experience dorm life and many more at MSU for a day or an overnight stay. The dates in which this event occurs are October 7 – November 22, 2013 and January 27 – April 11, 2014 (no visits February 28 – March 10). A student must call The Day at State office (their number is listed at the end of the page) to reserve a spot for this event. If a student decides he/she wants to attend this event he/she has to reserve their spot at least two weeks in advance and also pay a 30 dollar nonrefundable fee. Guests and parents that accompany their son or daughter are responsible for their activities and accommodations for the day or overnight stay. When a student reserves their spot and gets a spot, he/she is assigned to an undergraduate student that will accompany him/her through the wonderful Day at State journey which includes campus tours, attending classes, eating in the residence halls, visiting the bookstore, attending student group meetings and many more.

Application: This will give us a great way to compare the way Wayne State University allows students to experience college life to the way Michigan State University does it. We are looking at adopting this Day at State event at Wayne State so that students do not feel overwhelmed with the transition from high school to college. This will give students at WSU an opportunity to experience what campus life is all about and how they feel about whether or not they want to commute or live on campus. The cost of the Day at State event is really affordable which makes it easier for students to want to attend an event like this. The fact that a student gets to experience this with an undergraduate student that already attends the university makes it feel more realistic as to what to expect and how to interact with people. This Day at State event will be our ultimate comparison when it comes to proposing something similar to this at Wayne State University.

“Freshman Quests.” Wayne State University College of Education. Wayne State University, 2013. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.

On the Freshman Quest website the author tells about what exactly the Quest is and what will happen once the students get there. The goal of the Quests are to create friends with other incoming freshmen and to introduce them to some campus staff members, all before even making it to move in day. The other goal is to have discussions about what to expect once they make it to college and how to create leadership and study skills. “3 day, 2 night outdoor adventure trips for cohort groups of up to 14 incoming freshmen. The Quests are designed for students to create a network of  friends who share a unique, common experience to support each other throughout their college career.” In addition to all of that the students who attend will also receive credit hours for the trip and can count this as a class. There is also enrollment and contact information available on the page.

Application: This is relevant to what we need in our paper because we want to incorporate some of the ideas behind Freshmen Quest into our proposal and also possibly combine them by adding a camping trip to either the end or the beginning of our overnight proposal.

Wayne State University Dean of Students Office. n.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.

The Dean of Students website has several pages on student organizations, funding, Greek Life, and much more.  It has all the latest campus events and lists several volunteer opportunities for these events and around campus itself. On the “Start an Organization” page there is an application available for students to fill out in order to start a new club or campus organization.  On the “Apply for Funding” page students fill out an application that allows for the Dean of Students to fund an event, a week-long series of events, or conference attendance (the reason for funding must first match the guidelines and rules listed on the page).  There is also a page “Parent and Family Programs” that provides information for family members of students at WSU to stay involved with their WSU student and also offers programs that allow for a smooth transition (for both the student and his/her family members) from home life to college life.  The official university newspaper “The South End” can also be found here.  Anything involving student life at Wayne State can be found on the Dean of Students website.

Application: This website could be very useful to this proposal as it is to implement a new organization for incoming freshmen to understand how campus life works.  It would be a good tool to actually get this organization going and potentially provide funding if needed.  The funding could cover basic costs of an overnight visit or financially aid any student that is unable to afford the cost of the potential program. We could also use the “Parent and Family Programs” to see what is currently being offered and where our proposal stands in regards to a smooth transition from home to campus life.

ENG1020 classes. “Project 3 Survey.” Survey. Date TBD.

We plan on conducting a survey via with Mrs. Jankens’ ENG1020 classes for feedback on our proposal.  This survey briefly explains our Project 3 proposal and asks three questions regarding the proposal.

Application: We plan on using this survey to see the potential interest in our proposal and use as evidence that could support our proposal if all goes well.  As we have not yet administered this survey, we cannot say much more about it.

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