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Project 3 In Class Minutes 11/4/14

Based on Today’s discussion, many students are still developing ideas in what they want to propose. Here are some helpful tips:

-Choose a DC that your entire group can relate to

-Make sure it is interesting to all members

-Start off with a conversation, and see what sparks your attention

-Make sure it’s realistic (as written on the board “manageable/doable”)

-You are allowed to expand your grounds beyond the University

-Find connections between members’ majors

-Ask your peer mentors to discuss ideas and organize your thoughts:) (our emails are on the Peer Mentoring page)

-Consider ideas that will build on and potentially expand pre-existing ideas/programs/schools/etc.

-Consider implementing new ideas in your DC

-Find what motivates (or upsets) you in a DC and fix it with your proposal. It is important that you can identify the problem that you are solving. This will make it a much more “doable” situation.

-Consider a problem beyond undergraduate studies as a preparatory for what you’ll be expecting in your field. This will help you for ENG 3010 if you plan on taking it.

-Read the assignment thoroughly