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My name is Sharon Yousif-Dickow, and I am a Near Eastern Language (with a concentration in Arabic) major entering Wayne State’s pharmacy school in fall of 2016.  As a member of the Wayne State community, I challenge myself daily to bring the best attitude and work ethic to school, hoping to grow and learn more about Wayne State, my peers, myself, and my studies each day.  Aside from my tangible belongings (backpack, pens, pencils, textbooks, ect.), I come to Wayne State with my set values learned and mastered through my knowledge on Discourse.  The skills attained from my primary and secondary Discourses are allowing me to strive toward fulfilling my goal of mastering the “college Discourse.”  Before I even begin to tackle the “college Discourse,” I would like to master one of the key elements of this literacy: ENG 1020, better known as college writing.  Mastery of this course and other essential college courses will take me one step closer to this ultimate goal.

As mentioned, I come to Wayne State everyday with my primary and secondary Discourses.  A few elements of my primary Discourse include, but are not limited to speaking English, speaking Chaldean, and Catholicism.  Some of my secondary Discourses include being a student, reading, and playing the violin.  Fortunately,  my primary Discourse has not yet conflicted with any of my secondary Discourses.  This has come to my advantage because my upbringing has only encouraged me to identify with and build my “identity kit.”  My current “saying-doing-being-believing combinations” have paved the way to bigger, better ideas of who I aspire to be.  For example, my ability to speak English (element of primary Discourse) allowed me to further my knowledge in the language through reading and writing (secondary Discourse), which in turn allowed me to better my well -being as a student (secondary Discourse) and lifelong learner.  My well-being as a student will only strengthen, allowing me to achieve my goal of mastering the college Discourse.

What I'm into, and what I'm about :)
What I’m into, and what I’m about 🙂

Aside from my primary and secondary Discourses, I bring knowledge about college writing to Wayne State, implementing this knowledge especially in ENG1020.  I understand there is no “right” way of college writing as each individual has his/her own style, and each professor has his/her own way of teaching.  Not all writing is the same– a student would not write the same way on a blog about their Discourses as they would on a formal lab report about genetically modified organisms.  The language is different, the format is different, and the context itself is different.  I also know much analysis is involved in college writing, even if it is a genre analysis to organize thoughts.  Most importantly, I know (college) writing is a process with various key elements.  Continuous revision is required for both student and professor satisfaction.  There are multiple ways of going through the writing process, and a ton of patience and persistence is required to get reasonable results.

Several classes, projects, teachers, students, tears, and essays have helped me grow into the writer I am today.  Through several “grammar packets” in middle school and much cramming for the English section on the ACT, I have strengthened my grammatical and formatting skills.  Through much soul searching with the help of my incredible high school teachers, I am able to push my potential to the limit, stepping out of my boundaries and thinking deeper below the surface.  This has helped me immensely with making intangible thoughts visible on the page, giving me the opportunity to express myself to the fullest.  My improved reading skills in high school have also taught me to see beyond the text and become more inquisitive. This, in turn, led to thoughtful writing that actually makes sense.  Living in a diverse community is also a blessing as it opens my eyes to the world and what it has to offer.  It helps me understand the world and how people work much better, and creates an environment for an open mind.  This open mindedness is rare in many communities, and in my opinion, could hinder thoughts that could turn into words which then turn into exceptional pieces of writing.  Speaking a second language has also helped me appreciate English much more, and has aroused my curiosity about the language, its mechanics, and its vocabulary.  It has pushed me to really appreciate the language and see writing as a privilege which makes the whole process much more enjoyable.  All of these experiences serve as stepping stones to the writer I am today and continue to push me to improve my writing.  I genuinely hope to acquire more experience to build my writing skills and further my writing abilities.

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