Reflection 4

     So far our group has a pretty solid start on our ideas for Project 3.  We are trying to bring the “Day at State” program from Michigan State University to Wayne State. 

Some questions I have for my group:

Are we going to need interviews for the evaluation? I am not quite sure just research will cut it when taking living versus commuting into consideration (demographics, etc.).

Are we still considering the ideas from Freshman Quests? I know we wanted to originally incorporate the entire trip in the “Day in the Life of a Warrior” but am not sure how the whole thing would work.

Some questions for the evaluation essay:

Are we getting too far ahead of ourselves by presenting a solution to the problem? As I recall from class we are supposed to state which problem we are addressing—not sure if presenting a solution is too far.

How do we go about formatting this proposal? I know we are sort of meshing the evaluation and proposal all into one paper, but am not sure how…I’m assuming it is in the form of an essay after reading the example in class today.  

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